Democrats McAuliffe, Northam take governor, lt. governor races

Terry McAuliffe campaigning in Floyd.
Terry McAuliffe campaigning in Floyd.
Terry McAuliffe campaigning in Floyd.

After going into election day with a comfortable lead in most polls, Democrat Terry McAuliffe eeked out a thin victory Tuesday over Republican Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli while Ralph Northam won a more decisive victory over right winger E. W. Jackson for Lt. Governor.

In the attorney general’s race, Republican Mark Obenshain finished the night with a razor-thin lead tally over Democrat Mark Herring and a recount will almost certainly take place.

McAuliffe trailed Cuccinelli for most of the night until the Northern Virginia votes came in and turned what was once a 12 percent deficit into a 2.6 percent win.  Incredibly, the right-wing Fox News Channel called McAuliffe the winner first while Cuccinelli still lead in the actual vote count.

Republicans began gathering at the Jesse Peterman library after polls closed Tuesday and while Cuccinelli’s lead was over 10 percent from votes that came in from the rural areas of the state.

But when the vote totals from Northern Virginia and Tidewater started showing up, the lead narrowed with McAuliffe taking a narrow lead with 90 percent of the votes counted and all the TV networks and wire services declaring him the winner.

In the end, McAuliffe tallied 48 percnet of the vote with Cuccinelli collecting 45.4 percent and Libertarian Robert Service puling in 6.6.

In the Lt. Governor’s race, Northam had an easier time with a margin of over 10 percent — 55.5 percent to 44.5 for right-wing tea party poster child E.W. Jackson.

From a percentage point of view, the outcome of the attorney general’s race stood at 49.92 percent to 49.87 percent with a count of 1,100,395 votes for Obenshain and 1,099,416 for Herring.

In Republican dominated Floyd County, Cuccinelli, Jackson and Obenshan won easily and the three GOP candidates dominated votes in Southwestern Virginia with the exception of Montgomery County, whare McAuliffe won by a narrow 2 percent and Roanoke City where the Democrat beat the Republican 54-36 percent.


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