Snow? Did they say snow?

Snow from January of last year.
Snow from January of last year.

No, this is not what it looks like in Floyd County this morning — at least not yet — but it might look a littile like this before the end of the day.


It’s snowing west of us.  It will be snowing more just west of I-77 soon and we could get some snow around here but not much accumulation is expected.

Still, it’s the first expected snowfall of the year and — given the sporadic lack of accuracy by the National Weather Service — it could be a dusting or it could be several inches.

Forecasts last week suggested the area could be in for a pounding from snow and winter but most of that appears to be moving north and Washington, DC, and Maryland may feel the brunt.  Still, the area could be facing a hard winter.  At least that’s what the Farmers Almanac claims.  Of course, the Almanac made the same claim last year and while cold weather hit the area, the snowfall wasn’t that bad.

Bundle up.  Lows tonight expected in the low 20s with wind chills in the teens.

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