The failure and broken promises of Obamacare

110113healthcareAsk a Democrat these days about the many problems and failures of the Affordable Care Act and they will say two things.

Publicly, they will admit the Act, better known as Obamacare, has problems that needs to be corrected.

Privately, they say the act may be a mistake that needs to be scrapped before it does any more damage to the already fragile health care system in this country.

The Obama administration reluctantly admitted this week that signups are running far, far below the original and grandiose predictions and Democratic Senators are signing onto and co-sponsoring a bill to reopen consideration of Obamacare and, at the very least, make much needed changes and put in delays in implementation.

Increasing problems and security threats haunt the web site which now stands as the poster child for a President who just can’t seem to do anything right.

And, even worse, is the cancellattion notices of existing health insurance received by millions of Americans after Obama promised, repeatedly, that any American could keep the policy they have not.

Latest estimates say tens of millions could lose their existing health insurance and could end up paying far more for less coverage under Obamacare.

Former President Bill Clinton is telling Obama to change the law to stop and reverse the candellations and now leads a growing list of Democrats who talk privately among themselves and express the once never-considered thought within their ranks that Obamacare may need to be scrapped so the party and the nation can move on.

“Yes, there in talk within the walls that the Affordable Care Act is not ready for prime time and may never be what we thought it could be,” a senior White House aide told me privately this week.

More and more, it appears he could be right.  Obamacare is not what the President promised when he mesmerized a nation looking for bright new leadership.  It is a law written by health care lobbyists — the same kind of lobbyists that Obama promised would never be part of his administration.

It became more and more impossible to implement as a viable improvement because the White House allowed crippling compromises to get it passed and those changes turned the law into a mystifying piece of legislation that defied logic  — as demonstrated every day by the mounting list of problems surrounding and the broken Obama promise that Americans could keep their existing health insurance if they desired.

An increasing number of Democrats want, as the very least, a delay in the requirement that Americans be on board with Obamacare or have some other form of health insurance by March 1 or face a penalty.  Obama is resisting.

The few who have managed to work their way through the flawed Obamacare system often find themselves suffering “sticker shock,” with premium prices are far more than they can afford to pay along with castigating restrictions that will keep them from qualifying for the subsidies necessary to help pay for the insurance.

Republicans came under fire for demanding delays or complete defunding of the Affordable Care Act as a condition for avoiding the 16-day government shutdown in October.  Now, public sentiment appears to be growing to taking another look at Obamacare and, perhaps, accepting the fact that it is a failed law that should be scrapped.

As more and more problems emerge from the law that never-deserved the term “reform,” it is more and more obvious that Obamacare is a law that will not work probably will never work.

The only solution may be to recognize that it is a law that should be recognized as a mistake and scrapped before it does even more damage to an already-hobbled American health care system.

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2 thoughts on “The failure and broken promises of Obamacare”

  1. From my experience, the problem has been in the website and not in the ACA itself. I filled out my application online fine and received verification that I am eligible for reduced rates, but because of the malfunctioning web site my application kept being listed as “in progress” and I couldn’t actually “shop” for new insurance. As someone who purchases a personal insurance policy (not from a job) and lives on a modest income, my rates will be much lower once the dust settles. Also, the loss of preexisting conditions alone is worth the price of admission for me. It got to the point that I wouldn’t tell my doctor my health issues because every time I got labeled with something new my rates went up.

  2. Policies were cancelled because coverage didn’t meet the requirements of the ACA law. Now POTUS has declared that the insurance companies can renew the illegal policies for one year. The insurance companies say they cannot do that because it would be illegal. A change in the law or some new legislation is required, POTUS can’t just dictate that change.

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