A week of cold, snow, thanks and ‘Black Friday’

Black Friday: Do good things come to those who rush?
Black Friday: Do good things come to those who rush?

We start Thanksgiving week with bitter cold,  threat of snow early in the week, a day of rest and food and the infamous annual retail event known as “Black Friday.”

Actually, Black Friday starts Thursday as many stores are open at least part of the day and the giant retail chains plan “early bird” sales that start right about the time most folks are pushing themselves away from the Thanksgiving table and wondering why they ate so much.

In America’s economically-driven culture, holidays are more often retail-driven events than observation of the original reason for celebrating a particular day.  The focus of most news reports will be on whether or not consumers are spending money and whether or not struggling retail chains will sell enough to stay in business.

Is it possible to forget about all the hoopla about sales and big-ticket items for Christmas and just sit down for a nice dinner for Thanksgiving and a relaxing day on Friday away from the shopping malls and big box stores?

Hopefully so.  Maybe we can spend Thanksgiving Day being thankful for what we’ve got and not planning to fight crowds on Friday to obtain more of what we don’t need.



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