Lots of ice? Maybe, maybe not

Ice from a previous storm.

As happens all too often in our area, the chances of lots of ice coating roads, tree limbs and power lines depends a lot on where you live, what altitude you live in and a lot of plain, old-fashioned luck.

What was supposed to be an influx of early morning ice in and around Floyd County turned mostly into some ice, some rain, some sleet and — for some — not much of anything.

Which doesn’t mean we’ve escaped a storm that could bring down limbs, disrupt power and turn toads into ice rinks.  That could still happen Sunday afternoon and evening but — again — it depends on where you live.


Floyd County, as usual, is right on the edge of where it could be bad, moderate or not much to worry about.  Areas North and West of Roanoke are expected to be hardest hit while those South and East are expected to escape the worst.  Since Floyd sits Southwest of the Star City, it mans anything is possible.

According to the National Weather Service:


.. Winter storm warning remains in effect until 9 am est Monday…

* Locations… Much of southwest Virginia and Southeast West Virginia north of highway 460… Including the Greenbrier… New and Roanoke River Valleys… The Alleghany Highlands… Shenandoah Valley and the Virginia Piedmont.


In other words, anything is possible.

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