Wintry mix Saturday but then rain, warmer temperatures

011710rainThe weather prognosticators say a mild wintry mix is expected to hit the area Saturday morning.

Unlike last weekend, the forecasters aren’t issuing dire warnings of crippling ice storms or massive dysfunctions of life but we can, they say, expect a smattering of frozen rain and such on Saturday morning, following by just rain as the temperatures warm up.

According to the Old Farmers Almanac, we should be gripped in a winter ice box by now and headed for a bad series of weather calamities from Mother Nature.

For the record, the Almanac said pretty much the same thing for last winter and while we had some snow and ice, it wasn’t all that bad.

On Saturday and Sunday, highs are expected to be cool — in the 30s — before warming up to the 50s and 50s next week with a high of 58, along with rain, by Saturday, Dec. 21.

Highs are expected in the 40s for Christmas week and through the end of the year, with lows in the 20s — below freezing but not bitter cold.

Last year, ice falling from the sky knocked out power to many Floyd County homes and businesses on Christmas Day.  Unless the outlook changes, a repeat of that weather is not expected for the rest of 2013.

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