Obenshain set to concede race for Attorney General

Mark Herring (AP/Clive Owen)
Mark Herring (AP/Clive Owen)
Mark Herring (AP/Clive Owen)

The Washington Post is reporting that Republican Attorney General candidate Mark Obenshain will concede the Virginia Attorney General’s race to Democrat Mark Herring before final results of a recount are announced.

Obenshain, the paper says in a report attributed to two sources, will conceded Wednesday afternoon even though the recount is scheduled to continue through midnight.

Paul Logan, spokesman for the GOP candidates, is not responding to requests for comment and the campaign is not issuing any denials of the Washington Post report.

A source close to the Obenshain campaign tells Blue Ridge Muse that the candidate’s internal vote counting apparatus is telling him that he has no chance of winning the contested election that ended in November with a margin of 165 votes out of 2.2 million cast.

The same source says Obenshain originally thought a recount would go his way and reverse the original results and is now “shocked” to find himself falling further and further behind.

The Republican found himself as much as 866 votes down Tuesday night with only 120 ballots contested — a number far short of reversing the results.

“It’s over,” one Obenshain aide said Wednesday.

Sources close to the Herring campaign say the mood at the Democrat’s headquarters is “as close to an outright celebration as it can be before anything becomes official.”

A victory by Herring gives Democrats a clean sweep of the top three state races for the first time in a generation.  Democrat Terry McAuliffe won a close race over Republican Ken Cuccinelli for governor while Ralph Northam easily disposed of E.W. Jackson, the tea party-backed GOP candidate in the Lt. Governor’s race.

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