102704cards.jpgLiving with a lifelong St. Louis Cardinals fan can be hell when the Boston Red Sox threaten to sweep the World Series.

“The Cards aren’t going to win the World Series,” says St. Louis Post-Dispatch columnist Jeff Gordon. “In their hearts, they know it.”

Lord. When your hometown paper says it’s over, it’s over. All the Cards can do now is try to win it least one game so the humiliation isn’t complete.

Which brings us back to number one Cardinals fan Amy. She got mad after her beloved Redbirds lost to Boston 11-9 in Game One, pissy after Curt Shilling shut them down in Game Two and then stomped around the house in a rage after the team blew chance after chance to take the lead in Game Three.

“Losing four straight games to the Red Sox would taint an otherwise spectacular season,” Gordon writes. “To finally get to the World Series and then barely show up for the challenge . . . well, that would leave a sour taste in everybody’s mouth.”

And make my life hell at home.

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