'House of Good & Evil' set to open at Grandin in March

010313film“House of Good and Evil,” the suspense thriller filmed in Floyd County in 2012, will open what producers hope is a nationwide run at The Grandin Theater in Roanoke in March.

The film has been on video-on-demand but an exclusive arrangement with Comcast ended at the end of the year and Floyd Countians who missed the screening at Chantilly Farms last year will get a chance to see it in a theater.

The film — featuring Rachael Marie Lewis, Chrisitan Oliver and Rob Neukirch — is directed by cinematographer David Mun.  It was written and produced by Hollywood screenwriter Blu de Golyer, who — we are told — is moving from San Francisco to Floyd County temporarily before settling in North Carolina with wife Sue, daughter of Bill and Ginny Gardiner.

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  1. thanks for the billing Doug, hope the stars don’t get jealous…first I’ve heard of a screening but bring it on. My understanding was that the de Golyers were moving to NC where they own a place but what do I know…?

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