A sort of return for winter

092710rain1With temperatures a little over 40 Tuesday morning in most parts of Floyd County and a light rain falling, the day will be a reasonably warm, but wet, prelude to somewhat colder weather tonight and Wednesday and cooler through the end of the week.

The projected high of 52 on Tuesday will be the warmest day of the week and the thermometer is expected to head south Tuesday with a low of 30 before climbing a little back up to about 39 Wednesday and down to 19 for a low overnight.

Thursday and Saturday are expected to be mostly sunny with rain and snow showers Wednesday and rain on Friday.  Lows will hit 23 Thursday night and then high teens on Friday and Saturday.

A little more like winter than Monday but still not that bad for winter in January.

Highs are expected to range from the mid-30s to low 50s over the next 10 days wth lows below freezing but well above zero.

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