FCHS Buffaloes top Giles 93-85

Preston Neukirch: A 19-point night.
Caleb Tanner: A 46-point night (photos from an earlier game).
Caleb Tanner: A 46-point night (photos from an earlier game).

The Buffaloes from Floyd County High School poured on the points, aided by 12 three point goals, in Pearisburg Thursday night, beating the Giles County Spartans 93-85.

Caleb Tanner led scoring with 46 points, Preston Neukirch added 19, Will Cook had 11 and Justin Cundiff 10 in a hard-fought game where Floyd took a 4-18 lead in the first quarter and led 44-39 at the half.  The Buffaloes controlled the third quarter, outscoring Giles 26-17, which gave them enough points to withstand being outscored 28-23 in the fourth.

The Buffaloes are now 11-2 overall and 3-0 in district play.

Preston Neukirch: A 19-point night.
Preston Neukirch: A 19-point night.

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4 thoughts on “FCHS Buffaloes top Giles 93-85”

  1. A criticism:

    I see a great deal of news about the high school sports teams, yet absolutely nothing about their academic achievements. Aren’t there any?

    It’s harder to get a dramatic picture of the ‘winning answer on the algebra test’, but which is really more important in life? The ability to put a ball through a ring or critical thinking skills?

    Which is more deserving of fame and/or fortune?


  2. I understand your concern Jon but this is unfair to the athletes and Doug. It’s not his job to share the academic achievements of high school athletes when he’s covering sports. When I go to this page I am looking for the number of times the ball went through the hoop, not GPAs.

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