No school or basketball in Floyd Friday

012414closedWith weather too cold for several of the Floyd County school system’s diesel-powered buses to start, officials cancelled classes — originally scheduled to start two hours late.

With school cancelled, a scheduled home basketball game against Radford is off as well and postponed until a later date.

Virginia regulations normally require cancelling an athletic event on the first day that classes are cancelled although such events can sometimes be held on following days even if classes remain cancelled.

With temperatures at zero or below throughout the county, county residents braced for another frigid day with a high Friday in the low 20s.  Saturday is expected to be warmer with a high in the mid to high 30s and then warmer on Sunday in the low 40s.

The low temperature overnight Friday is expected to be around 13 and Saturday overnight as well.

Then harsh cold returns with 33 on Monday and a low of 4 degrees Monday night, a high of 17 on Tuesday and a low of 5, 18 on Wednesday (low 6) and 30 with a low of 16 on Thursday.

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