A little warmer then more cold

051711weatherWith local temperatures expected to reach into the 30s today and 40s on Sunday, the bitter cold appears to be taking a break.

Not really.

Lows Saturday night are expected about 10 or 11 degrees.  Sunday night’s low will be better, about 28 degrees but Monday night will bring a sub-freezing estimate of one degree at best and below zero in some places while Tuesday’s high is only expected to climb up to a bone-chilling 15 degrees before heading back down to around three overnight.

Look for a high of only 20 on Wednesday and a single digit low by the wee hours of Thursday before a a slight warmup to 33 during the day Thursday and a drop to below freezing again overnight.

January is expected to go out Friday with a high around 37 and another drop below freezing to about 21 as February arrives on Saturday.  Then warming to the high 30s on Saturday and then mid-40s on Sunday and Monday.

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