Remembering Pete Seeger and more

Pete Seeger in 1977.
Pete Seeger in 1977.
Pete Seeger in 1977.
Arlo Guthrie on the newspaper weekend magazine cover.
Arlo Guthrie on the newspaper weekend magazine cover.

The death this week of folk music legend Pete Seeger reminded me that I photographed and interviewed  he and Arlo Guthrie when they appeared at the Mississippi River Festival at Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville in 1977.

Seeger, because of his history, was a fascinating man and I could have spent hours listening to his stories on folk music and protest movements.

I was a long-time fan of Woody Guthrie and the chance to talk at length with his son was a special time.

The Festival ran for 10 years on the campus of SIUE, across the Mississippi River in St. Louis, and — a reporter, columnist and photographer for The Telegraph in nearby Alton at the time, gave me a chance to photograph and review concerts by many musical legends and stars — including Glenn Frey, Don Henley & the Eagles, Jim Croce, Earl Scruggs, Willie Nelson, Kris Kristofferson and others.

The photo of Seeger above is a scan from a full page photograph in the paper’s weekend magazine as in the page on the right from the cover of that magazine.

It was a special time that brings back a lot of special memories. Fan of the festival have set up a Facebook page.

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