Beauty in many tongues

A sadness emerges when one reads the absurd and downright nasty comments aimed at Coca Cola for creating a commercial featuring people singing “America the Beautiful” in different languages.

Some rabid right-wing groups urge a boycott of the company for creating the commercial.

Why?  Are we not a nation founded by immigrants who came to this land to escape persecution in other countries?  Are we not the nation that once welcomed immigrants with open arms?

Sadly, some out there want to destroy that America and forget that we, for the most part, are descendents of immigrants.   My forefathers were mostly Scots, with a mixture of Seminole Indian and Black Irish.  Of that mix, only the Seminole can claim to be a “native American.”

So why the uproar?  Are we so desperate for reasons to feel superior to others?  Do we need to demonize others so much?

Yes, America can be beautiful.  It is a mixture of of many different people of different genders, different races and different origins that make us that way.

Too bad some can’t see that.

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7 thoughts on “Beauty in many tongues”

  1. Mr. McDaniel, I’m not sure how to take your post, but I would like to chalk it up to it being that English may not be your first language.

    Now, for those all upset with this great Coca Cola commercial:

    I would like to point out, that one of the languages sung in the comercial is Keres, which is more American than English. Keres, is a Native American Language (Google can be your friend) spoken here long before the English arrived.

    Oh, I speak some Korean and some German, my youngest daughter speaks Mandarin and Spanish, teaches English as a Second Language and my eldest daughter speaks some Korean and Spanish. Now what nationality am I and my daughters? Oh yea, my wife used to speak some French.

    Coca Cola, I salute you, a beautiful commercial showing the US as we can and should be.

  2. “America The Beautiful is America song and should be sung in America by an America person.” Meanwhile, the music used for the national anthem was English–a drinking song, as it happens–so does that mean we need to find another tune for “The Star-Spangled Banner”?

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