Another snow job?

A "real" snowfall in Floyd County in February, 2004.
A "real" snowfall in Floyd County in February, 2004.
A “real” snowfall in Floyd County in February, 2004.

The National Weather Service is talking snow again with a predicted chance of flurries Monday and a “snow shower” Wednesday.

Roanoke Times weather guru Kevin Myatt says a “2-6 inch” snowfall is possible in the coming days, depending on the breaks.

Writes Myatt in a post on the Times web site shortly after midnight Saturday:

The next 4 days of weather to start the work week are going to fray your nerves if you are a snow lover in Southwest Virginia, no matter what happens. Even if you end up getting the larger 4+ kinda snow that has been missing this winter in our neck of the woods, the setup to get up is full of near-miss and bust potential. I suppose it will be pretty nerve-wracking for snow haters too, as we hang precariously on the edge between not much and maybe a pretty large snow.

Those who pick up on the latest snow threats usually flood Facebook with dire predictions and mob local grocery stores to stock up on food but every warning of the “big one” so far this winter has turned into a snow job rather than a actual storm.

For those who remember when snow was a normal part of winter in these parts, talk of a six inch snowfall is no big deal.  For them, anything below 10-12 inches is just a mild to moderate snowfall.

This week’s talk of snow?  Chance of flurries on Monday and a something that “might develop” on Wednesday.  After that, the forecast calls for a warming trend and mostly pleasant days for the next week or so.

Snow job or snow event?  The next four or five days will tell the story.

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