103004oddfellas.jpgWhen you tell friends you plan to bag the city and live full time in the country you run into a lot of head shaking and incorrect impressions.

“You won’t like it,” is often heard.

Wrong. I grew up in the country. I already like it. Amy grew up in the city but now loves country life.

“No places to eat.”

Wrong again. Tons of places we can drive to in less than an hour, including three good sushi bars, great Thai food, three Chinese buffets, a dozen steakhouses and at least three good Mexican restaurants.

“There’s nothing to do.”

Wouldn’t tell that to the hundreds who flock every Friday night to the Floyd Country Store for the Jamboree or those who listen to music and eat good food at Oddfellas Cantina(right). Plus Roanoke is less than a hour away, as is the BlacksburgRadfordChristiansburg areas of Montgomery County. And the Blue Ridge Parkway runs right by where we live.

“You can’t make a living there.”

Our studio has been open since January and is doing just fine.

“You’ll be back here in a couple of years.”

Don’t bet on it.

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