Not much storm expected

030614weatherAt 4 a.m., the National Weather Service placed Floyd County on the northeastern edge of a “winter weather advisory” for Thursday night and Friday.  Predictions?  An inch or less of snow or sleet and .10th of an inch or less of ice.

By being right on the edge, Floyd could get a little sleet or snow but not much and odds still say whatever falls, if anything, will be no big deal.

The “advisory” does not include the New River or Roanoke valleys but the weather folks say that could change — either way.

“The advisories are really more for the potential of a thin amount of ice, as current forecasts of under 1 inch of snow/sleet do not meet advisory criteria,” says weather guru Kevin Myatt at The Roanoke Times.

In other words, unless things change, it’s no big deal.

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