Empty lots: Sign of the times?

121409parkingHad an officers planning session for the Harley Owners Group Sunday afternoon and, on the way home, I swung the Best Buy at at Valley View to pick up a patch cord that I can’t find at any Floyd area stores.

With one more weekend to go before Christmas, and stores open late on Sunday nights for the season, I expected a crowd at the area’s busiest mall.

What I found was virtually no traffic and empty parking lots.

There were maybe a dozen people in the giant electronic retailer’s store and I found my patch cable and found an open cash register for check out with no problem.

So I asked the young woman at the register: “How’s business?”

“Lousy,” she said. “We had a good crowd on Black Friday. Since then it has been dead.”

Many of the parking areas around the vast shopping complex were empty. At the main mall, you could find a parking space near any of the entrances. If people were shopping on this next-to-last Sunday before Christmas, it was somewhere else.

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