Stupid is, stupid does

Doesn’t take a lot of effort to witness outright stupidity and dangerous behavior on the road these days.

Not long ago, while filming some nighttime footage in Floyd, the sound of a siren punctuated the night as pedestrians crossed the road at Main and Locust Streets and a car approached the stop light and intersection for a left turn off Locust Street onto Main.

With the sound of the approaching ambulance increasing and the “emergency vehicle approaching” light flashing above the light, the driver ignored both warnings and turned into the path of the ambulance, and the ambulance driver had to brake hard to avoid the possibility of a collision.

The car driver’s actions were both stupid and dangerous.  Fortunately, the training of the ambulance driver paid off and disaster was averted.

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3 thoughts on “Stupid is, stupid does”

  1. I’m 55 years old, have lived in many places and this is the first time I’ve ever seen such a light. In *most* places where emergency vehicles can control intersection lights they set them to RED. Why isn’t that done here so that travellers coming through the area will know what to do? The title is a good one. But it doesn’t apply to the driver of the car.

    • Michael, I’m 66 and have lived in other areas that use the same system as Floyd. It has also been my observation that cautious and experienced drivers know a blinking light above a stoplight is an alert of some kind, especially when combined with the increasing sound of an approaching siren. Perhaps the driver was deaf as well as dumb?

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