No biz like snow biz

Snow falling before daybreak on Thursday.

013010snowfallIn a routine that has become all too normal this winter, Floyd Countians went to sleep Monday night with a winter storm watch over what could be a little snow, a little rain and a little cold.

Then we woke up to a winter storm warning with the possibility of five inches, very cold weather and the infamous “winter mix.”

Snow started falling shortly before daylights and a coating of the white stuff covered the area by 6:30 a.m.  Floyd County Schools started the day off with a two-hour delay with many wondering just how long it would take before the doors would be closed today.  It wasn’t long.  The decision to close schools came down before 8 a.m.

For many, the overnight events are just one more case of “deja vu all over again.”

And, like so many “winter events,” this year, warmer temperatures the next day will melt everything away and it will look like Spring again.

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