After freezing my butt off photographing the FCHS-Giles County football game Friday night, wrapped up some last minute business at the studio today and headed north, once again, to Arlington for what will be our last round of clearing out our recently-sold condo.

Traffic on I-81 cooperated for a change and made the 300-mile trip in just a tick under four-and-half hours, including one stop for lunch (drive-through in Christiansburg) and another for gas (in Harrisonburg). For those using I-81 to get somewhere, 87-octane gas at the Citgo station on Rte. 11 just south of Harrisonburg is $1.77 a gallon, the cheapest I’ve found along the route.

After a number of years planning to build a new home on our farm in Carroll County we’re now leaning towards buying an existing one. I’ve looked at a number of properties in Floyd County over the past few days and settled on two that Amy will see when we get back next weekend. Depending on which one she likes best, we may add to our property holdings in Southwestern Virginia and, possibly, have a new home to settle in to by Christmas.

At least that’s the current plan.