Sexual abusers of children living among us

They live among us
They live among us
They live among us

Two examples of sexual exploitation of children appeared in Floyd County Circuit Court Tuesday as a father and son admitted guilt to reproducing images of child pornography and were led away by Sheriff Shannon Zeman to start their prison sentences.

Former Farm Credit Manager Greg Clabaugh, who was also an announcer at Floyd County High School athletic events, and son Mark Clabaugh — an Irag war veteran — entered guilty pleas to two counts each.  The father will serve three years in prison.  His son, two.

State police investigators found more than 600 images and videos of children, many under the age of 10, engaged in explicit pornographic activities.

My story on the pleas is on the Floyd Press web site and a longer, more-detailed, one will appear in Thursday’s paper.

Sadly, what I reported on from the Circuit Court Tuesday was not the first, nor will it be the last, case of an adult sexually exploiting a child in our county.

In 2005, shortly after taking over coverage of the Circuit Court for the Press, I watched James David Bond, then 73, admit sexually abusing a child family member and, incredibly telling the judge: “Your honor, I loved my granddaughter.  I guess I just loved her too much.”

Bond, now 82, got an early release from prison for “health issues.”  He still lives in Floyd County.

Later, in another case, I listened to the grandfather of a teen-age grandson ask the judge to go easy on the teen who admitted sexually abusing his younger sister.

“He’s just going through a phase that most teen-aged boys go through,” he said.

Circuit Judge Ray Grubbs shook his head before sending the teenager to prison.

Bond’s photo and history appear on the online Sex Offender Registry of the Virginia State Police, along with 23 other residents of Floyd County. The current listing had 23 men and two women.

It will have two more.  Both Greg and Mark Clabaugh have to register as sexual offenders as part of the punishment for the crimes they admitted to in court Tuesday.

Like the others, they will be on that publicly-accessible database for the rest of their lives.

You can find the Virginia “Sex Offender and Crimes Against Minors Registry” here.  Bookmark it.  These people were caught preying on our children.  Others, guilty of the same crimes, are not on the list because they haven’t been caught — yet.

Sheriff Zeman has a special computer in his office that tracks the online activity of those who sexual exploit children and he has a special deputy who knows how to use it.

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