Came across a box full of old watches while cleaning out the condo. Each has a story and holds a memory, including:

Tudor Submariner — Present from Uncle Sam on graduation from dive school.

Tissot manual wind chronograph — Wedding present from first wife.

Pulsar — The first digital watch. You pressed a button to get a red LED readout of hours and minutes. Hold the button down a little longer and seconds appeared. Batteries seldom lasted more than a month.

Island jump watch. Large face, big numbers and a windspeed calculator. Standard issue at Ft. Benning jump school.

Chronosport UDT — A relic from another life. I don’t think the company that made this watch even exists now.

Heuer Diver — Another relic from the past. Good at depths up to 1,000 meters (3,330 feet as though any of us would go down that far).

Porsche Design Chronograph — From my Yuppie days when my car, watch and sunglasses all had the same name. Wonder if Jeep makes a watch?

Heuer Monaco — During a fling with sports car racing.

Accutron — Precursor to today’s quartz watches. An electric watch that has a tuning fork-based movement, hums and promised accuracy to within a second a month.

Not sure how many of the watches still run but will take them with us. Memories of time and a time for memories.

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