A snow job from Mother Nature

121809snow2The snow started a little later than predicted (2 pm. instead of noon) but fell quickly in Floyd County as businesses closed early and residents scrambled to get home. The forecasters say we could get as much as 18 inches before it ends sometime Saturday.

Cancellations flooded in from throughout the area. Most schools closed early. Others canceled before the day even started.

In Floyd County, the snow appeared to get ahead of the snow crews from the budget-cutback depleted Virginia Department of Transportation as both U.S. 221 and Virginia Rte. 8 covered quickly and became slick and hazardous.

Gov. Tim Kaine declared a state of emergency as road hazards increased and traffic accidents piled up.

The Bank of Floyd posted a notice on its door Friday afternoon saying the bank would be open from 10 a.m. until noon, weather permitting.

If the forecasts are correct, it will be a long day on Saturday.

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  1. From what I’ve heard from friends, roads were darn near impassible in a lot of places. 2 friends got stranded between Blacksburg & Christiansburg and holed up in a hotel for the night. 2 others had 7 hour commutes home between the 2 burgs, otherwise a 20 minute trip normally. Apparently large swaths of I-77 and I-81 are closed, with motorists stranded and being evacuated to hotels in some cases by emergency crews. I saw dozens of cars slid off the road and stuck, and several crashes all around the NRV.

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