newhome.jpgWe have a home, or we will have at closing on December 3. We reached agreement with the sellers today and a signed contract is in place. It sits on a hill overlooking the countryside about five miles outside of Floyd.

That will be a busy week. Closing on the sale of our condo in Arlington on Monday, the 29th and then turn over part of the proceeds from that sale for the new home in Floyd County.

Amy spent a good part of Saturday going through the property room by room, listing her desires for new carpeting, new colors schemes. There goes the profit from sale of the condo.

The new digs will require some changes in lifestyle. Our Arlington condo had 1,320 square feet. The house has 2,800+. Our “yard” in the condo was a balcony. The yard of the house takes, according to the present owners, about three hours to mow. We owned a one-car garage space in the condo. The house has a large two-car garage with enough room for a work-bench and other storage. When we looked out the window of our condo, we saw the courtyard of the complex and the headquarters for the Defense Advance Research Projects Agency’s Total Information Awareness Project across the street. Our view at the house is the mountains and rolling countryside of the mountains. And it is surrounded by enough acres of woods to ensure privacy.

Put another log on the fire. We’re coming home.

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