McAuliffe will sign budget deal but veto Medicare amendment

Governor Terry McAuliffe campaigning in Floyd in 2013
Governor Terry McAuliffe campaigning in Floyd in 2013

Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe today said he will sign the new two-year fiscal budget approved by the General Assembly late last week but will veto an amendment that seeks to stop him from implementing any expansion of the Medicaid program to take advantage of Obamacare.

McAuliffe also announced he is scrapping a legislative Medicaid “reform” commission that the budget plan tried to handicap with limitations.

The Democratic governor’s actions ease a budget crisis that would have gone into effect with the start of the new fiscal year on July 1 but Republicans who now control both the House and Senate are sure to seek legal and/or legislative remedies to his efforts to veto the amendment on Medicare.

In a new conference, the governor castigated Republicans for “turning their backs on Virginians who need health care” and forfeiting “millions of dollars” in available funds through an expansion in Medicare.


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  1. Yep, just like his Daddy Obama it’s what I want or else. Seems that is all the Democrats know how to do. They just don’t seem to have the art of compromise and debate without name calling. Seems they can’t debate the facts alone. He stated how wealthy the state was? WOW Seems to me we are in a tight financial situation, and he wants to spend more money!!!!!! Go figure, they have lost touch with normal America.

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