The political blog graveyard

Karen Duncan (center) with Gov. Tim Kaine (Photo from Anoymous is a Woman)

The Virginia blog graveyard got another addition Saturday as Democratic political activist Karen Duncan announced she is shutting down her popular Anonymous is a Woman site because of a potential conflict with an unnamed new job.

Duncan is shutting down her blog for what she feels are good reasons. Others recently have quietly walked away from sites and blogs with no explanation and some just disappear without warning.

It’s a jungle out there.

Writes Duncan:

Readers may have noticed that I’ve been posting less and my posts have not been as overtly political as usual.  I won’t be coy about it.  I have been slowly disengaging from blogging because it’s time to close up shop.

I did this once before because I was getting burned out and wanted to move on to try different forms of writing.  But once I had taken a much needed break, I realized how much I truly missed blogging and came back.  This time is different.

First of all, I’m not burnt out.  And I already know that I will miss it.  My reason for leaving is much simpler now than it was the first time I took a break.  I have a new job that would make blogging a conflict of interest.  I won’t go into the details about the job, but please believe me that it would present a real conflict for me and my employer if I were to be running a blog and publicly sounding off about politics and other controversial issues.

Recent weeks and months haven’t been good to area blogs that focus on politics and/or community news. Star City Harbinger, launched with a lot of fanfare by Roanoke legal aid attorney Hank Bostwick, disappeared quietly from the web in the last few weeks. Links to old articles give a “404” page now found and the primary url redirects to to the moribund BlogRoanoke, which hasn’t posted anything new since October.

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