Stopping a proposed gas pipeline in Floyd County

Are Floyd Countians concerned about a proposed natural gas transmission pipeline going through the area?

From the size of the crowd attending Thursday night’s informational meeting at the Floyd Country Store, the answer would have to be: “Damn right.”

Speakers included Radford University professor Bill Kovarik, who told the crowd that Floyd Countians are doing the right thing by holding their own meeting before Mountain Valley Pipeline starts its public relations blitz to try and sell the landscape-destroying project.

A major topic of concern is the project’s effect on the county’s already-fragile water system.

“We have ancient fractures in these mountains,” environmental biologist and Radford University professor Jane Cundiff said.

“The best thing is to let it be known that we do not want it here,” said Floyd Country Store owner and Friday Night Jamboree operator Woody Crenshaw.

Floyd Press editor Wanda Combs, who covered the meeting, said one woman noted that “it seems very clear to me tonight that ‘Floyd County says ‘no.’ ”

Former County Administrator George Nestor, who held that job when a proposed project by Dominion Power was defeated by county resistance, told the group that “public opinion is what’s going to win this.”

But it may be a long and hard fight and could involve attempts to impose eminent domain on property owners.

Citizens for Preserving Floyd County (CGPC) is working to obtain more information on the project and, since the exact proposed route is not yet known, details are sketchy at this point.

Wills Ridge landowner Jason Burgard said he has been contacted and the Nolen family along Shooting Creek Road.

Others will be. That’s one known fact of the project.

As a reporter and photographer for most of my life, I have covered many accidents and explosions involving natural gas pipelines around the country and world.

I do not want to cover one in Floyd County.

(This story includes information from an article written by Wanda Combs of The Floyd Press)

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  2. The MVP is part of a huge proposd network of pipelines. It will be important for all counties and state involved to organize. Folks in Montomery and Giles may not be up to date. I’ve aksed the R’noke Timesto do an investigative piece about the network that is far reaching.

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