Smoother, quieter, smaller FloydFest

A festival with more control and improvements over last year.
A festival with more control and improvements over last year.
A festival with more control and improvements over last year.

FloydFest wraps up five days Sunday with a relatively-smooth event event that features improved parking conditions, better transport services, more control and less chaos — especially when compared with 2013.

Attendees praised the improvements and welcomed the smaller crowds that allowed more enjoyment and less confinement.  Complaints centered around higher costs and add-on expenses, especially from VIP ticket holders who thought the higher, overall, prices were inclusive but found charges of $100 for a camp site and other expenses.

Lauren Kinberg Colliver of Laurel Fork had high praise.

“Parking and luxe shuttle are awesome improvements,” she said. “Thank you.”

FloydFest 13 appeared enjoyable to young...
FloydFest 13 appeared enjoyable to young…

“A good event, good staff and a good time,” said Lyle Anderson of Spatanburg, SC.  “I wasn’t sure after last year but they made the necessary improvements and turned it into a good, relaxed and worthwhile festival.”

“Having to park offsite could have been a bother but the buses were clean and air conditioned and the transportation took about 10 minutes.  No problem,” said Cheryl Lassiter of Florida.  “This was our first FloydFest but it won’t be our last.  We have had a good time.”

Others were unhappy.

We won’t be going back after the last 3 years it,” said Tim Seel of Buffalo Ridge, VA. “It just kept getting worse & worse.”

“Great vibe and music during the day. However, our campground was placed in the middle of a stage area. Pounding bass from midnight until 3:30 and then drum circle until 7,” said Jennifer Spahn-Lechmanik from Baltimore, MD. “We expected noise while we slept but not the bed shaking head pounding noise that you would only expect center stage. Floydfest staff here is utterly useless.  Everyone is good at passing the buck or telling you to deal with it.  Not worth it!”

Scalpers, however, found themselves with tickets they couldn’t sell because only VIP tickets were sold out and general admission tickets remained available on the FloydFest web site and others were giving away tickets at below face value on Facebook.

...and not quite as young
…and not quite as young

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