The art of snow

Yes, there's a Jeep under there somewhere

Snow adds its own perspective to the landscape and transforms even mundane, everyday machines into a work of winterland art.

The transformation of my Jeep Wrangler from utilitarian daily driver into a work of snow art by Friday night’s snow storm almost made me want to leave it undisturbed Saturday but I needed the Jeep to get to town so I preserved this latest piece of Mother Nature’s handiwork by camera before taking the broom to the snow and clearing off the vehicle for the trek through the deep snow down our long, steep driveway.

Memo to self: Remember to put the snow blower in a more accessible location before the next big snowfall. A dead battery on my tractor combined with deep snow that blocked the doors of the utility shed where both the snow blower and shovels awaited prohibited use of either on Saturday.

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