Clinger pays extra taxes to state

Supervisors Case Clinger (right), Joe Turman and Lauren Yoder
Supervisors Case Clinger (right), Joe Turman and Lauren Yoder
Supervisors Case Clinger (right), Joe Turman and Lauren Yoder

Board of Supervisors Chairman Case Clinger last week turned over several thousands of dollars in sales tax overcharges to the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Clinger is not disclosing the actual amount, citing concerns from the corporate bosses of Pizza Inn.  Virginia Department of Taxation officials are not saying what will happen with the money or if Clinger will face additional charges, an audit or fines and penalties from at least a year’s worth of overcharges when customers of his restaurant were charged 10.5 percent instead of the 5.3 percent allowed by law.

The Pizza Inn Restaurant charged the extra five percent but those charges were not paid to the state initially.

“We have accounted for the charges and submitted those charges to the state,” Clinger said Tuesday.

Clinger had to borrow the money to pay the Commonwealth for the charges from July of 2013 to July of this year.  The charges, he said, came from a sales system hardware and software error and was stopped and corrected when he learned of it last month.

“It’s an embarrassment but it was not intentional,” he adds.

The situation brought attention and criticism to Clinger, an avid anti-tax increase supervisor and a frequent critic of spending practices of the county school system.

Publicity from the overcharges has brought some drop in business, Clinger said, along with what he believes in a boycott of his restaurant by county teachers and school budget supporters.  School personnel, however, say no such boycott is organized.

A full story is in today’s Floyd Press.

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3 thoughts on “Clinger pays extra taxes to state”

  1. If every penny collected from every customer was duly reported to the taxman Clinger wouldn’t have any explaining to do. However, since it’s incredibly rare for “sales system hardware and software errors” to selectively malfunction in this manner he will have an uphill battle in any audit that comes as a result of this mess.

    It’s hard to buy into the notion that a company would take that much money from customers and go through several reporting periods without noticing the disparity between taxes collected and taxes paid. That one just don’t float.

  2. My wife and I owned a restaurant for six years….it’s hard to believe that this kind of “mistake” went unnoticed, and even then it was a customer who brought it to Pizza Inn’s attention. Like Ricky Riccardo would say, “You got some ‘splainin to do…”

  3. Is it too for him to understand that there is no boycott from school system employees?? When the employees of the county’s largest employer haven’t had much of a pay raise (excluding the raise to offset the required employee contribution to VRS) in 5 years their BUYING POWER DECREASES. Inflation didn’t stop to wait for the employees to get raises. Therefore employees are forced to eat out less. Granted, employees on their own probably include his wacked-out version of politics in deciding where to spend what few dining-out dollars they do have.

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