Stop the pipeline? Stop fracking

A fracking operation in West Virginia.
A fracking operation in West Virginia.
A fracking operation in West Virginia.

As interest — mostly in opposition — builds on the proposed 42-inch natural gas pipeline that would transmit the fuel from a fracking operation in West Virginia to a distribution center in Chatham and travel and strangely circuitious route through Giles, Pulaski, Montgomery, Floyd, Franklin and Pittsylvania counties, one wonders if the answer to a series of legal maneuvers to stop fracking itself.

At least 432 measures banning fracking have passed in this nation and more are on the way.

Granted, West Virginia doesn’t seem to give much of a damn about any measure that damages that state’s environment and future but even “almost heaven” can be convinced that turning the area into a vast, toxic wasteland is counter–productive.

Lewisburg and Pocahantas County in West Virginia have halted development of operations that involve fracking.  Two other areas — Morgantown and Wellsburg in West Virginia tried bans but both were overturned.

Don’t count on any help from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission.  It’s in the business of speedy approval.

State’s the commission’s web site:

To meet the growing demand for natural gas, the Commission must continue to respond quickly when companies propose to expand and construct needed pipelines and related facilities. The Commission has expedited the certification of natural gas pipelines by having Commission staff actively participate in projects that were using the pre-filing process to engage stakeholders in the identification and resolution of stakeholder concerns prior to the filing of a certificate application with the Commission.

In other words, FERC doesn’t give a damn if the proposal is safe or it it endangers a fragile water supply like the one in Floyd County.  The highly-paid natural gas and energy company lobbyists find quick ways to avoid thinking of safety.

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  1. Everyone needs to stay up to date on what’s going on in their areas. Hope all will act to make sure their views are known – regardless of what side they’re on. Hold your elected officials accountable – find out where they stand before elections and vote accordingly.

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