Virginia’s relentless rabid right

The face of Virginia's GOP?
The face of Virginia's GOP?
The face of Virginia’s right-wing?

Virginia’s often raucous Republican Party is under fire — not from liberals, not from Democrats but from themselves.

Bolstered by the defeat of former GOP House of Representatives leader Eric Cantor and nominations for top state offices last year that sent Republicans down in defeat, the rabid right-wing wants to expand its control of the state party and rid Virginia of any moderate or free-thinker in office.

When GOP Congressman Morgan Griffith and two others members of the House tried to bring reason to the always contentious selection of state leaders by seeking to delay a meeting until reason could reign, the hotblooded conservatives told the Congressmen to “go to hell” and added that they had better get into line or they will face job-costing primary contests.

Right wing robot Chis Stearns, chairman of the GOP’s Third Congressional District Committee said the move to bring reason to Republicans offended him and others.

“I have a problem with that.  I think that’s wrong. When they do that, they’re undermining grassroots activists in the commonwealth of Virginia,” Stearns told Jenna Portnoy of The Washington Post.

Grassroots?  What grassroots?  Like so many of Virginia’s self-righteous right wing, Stearns is controlled by the tea party, a fake “grassroots” coven that is controlled by Energy magnates Charles and David Koch.

The tea party wasn’t created from any grassroots.  The party was born in a Republican consulting company’s conference room in the old Railway Express Building behind Union Station in Washington and run by the Kochs and GOP conservative boss Dick Armey.

Griffith says Virginia’s Republican Party is controlled by a right-wing cabal that represents a rapidly-diminishing number of voters in the state.  That swing became evident in 2013 when Gov. Terry McAuliffe and his team of Democrats swept state offices.

Griffith says the rabid nature of the right wing “looms” over the 2016 elections and could destroy chance for a GOP victory.

Democrats hope that happens.

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