Who shovels the town’s sidewalks?

Floyd's "crosswalk to nowhere" on South Locust Street
Uncleared sidewalk in front of town parking lot

Question for Floyd Town Government: Who’s responsible to clearing the sidewalks in front of town property after a snow storm? For example, the sidewalk that runs along the town’s municipal parking lot on South Locust Street?

Because the sidewalk hadn’t been touched by Monday afternoon, the crosswalk on South Locust was a path to nowhere. The crosswalk entrance in front of Angels in the Attic was clear but the other side of the street was not.

The sidewalks on both sides of the entrance to the town’s parking lot were not clear, leaving those who use the lot the choice of walking in the street with traffic or trudging through a foot or more of snow.

I saw mayor-elected Will Griffin headed for lunch at El Charro Monday and asked him who’s responsible.

“That’s a good question,” he said. “The town I suppose.”

That’s what we supposed too.

UPDATE: The sidewalks in front of the town’s parking lot were shoveled Wednesday.

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3 thoughts on “Who shovels the town’s sidewalks?”

  1. Yeah Doug, I saw you out with your camera in town today and figured you’d be writing an article about unshoveled sidewalks, but I’m really disappointed you didn’t include everyone in this subject. Good God man!!! I walked from my office on S. Locust to Blue Ridge Bank. Let’s see now—- It really wasn’t that clean in front of Dee’s Country Places – had to walk in the road. Then Kreig Purciful’s sidewalk was unshoveled – had to walk in the road. Then the house that I think belongs to Kingrea was unshoveled – had to walk in the road. Then John and Connie’s house was unshoveled – had to walk in the road. Dave Blevin’s was shoveled, but on the grass and would have had to step over a waist-high pile of snow to get to it so – walked in the road. I also noticed that looking down South Locust to El Charo’s many private businesses hadn’t shoveled theirs either.

    So, just who IS responsible and just HOW LONG do private owners have to clean the sidewalks after a storm. Lets dole out the complaints to everyone along the street, not just town govt.

  2. I was told many years ago that the sidewalks had to be cleaned 24 hours after a storm. The problem nowadays is that people are sue happy. People are afraid to clean then because if they ice over and someone slips and falls they could get sued. The second problem is that the town of Floyd dose not
    in force the laws. The town of Floyd dose not have town police officers like they did in the past so I’m sure they would say sorry can’t do anything about it because we don’t have town police officers and its a town law.
    Something needs to be done.

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