Out on the frozen tundra

This particular piece of frozen tundra is the driveway of Chateau Thompson and, as you can see, it is still covered with snow three days after the Great Storm of 2009.

Ordinarily, I would use a snow blower purchased five years for just this kind of snow emergency. Used it for a fair-sized snowstorm in 2005. Used it again when we got a foot or so of snow in March of this year.

But it didn’t get used this time because I left our tractor parked in front of the storage shed and the tractor wouldn’t start in the cold weather. Because of the deep snow, I couldn’t push the tractor out of the way to get into the shed and I couldn’t shovel the snow out of the way so I could push the tractor because the shovels are — yep — in the shed.

There’s an old acronym called the seven “P’s,” which stands for “proper prior planning prevents piss-poor performance.”

Or maybe I’m just plain dumb and stupid.

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