Homecoming hopes

Hopes for a Buffaloes win
Hopes for a Buffaloes win
Hopes for a Buffaloes win

When the schedulers at Floyd County High School looked as the chance to putting Patrick County as the homecoming game this fall, the chances looked good for a win.

Patrick entered 2014 with a 40-game losing street and when the Cougers opened the season with a 64-7 loss against Heritage, which extended the losing streak to 41, the odds looked good for an FCHS win in the third game of this season.

But Patrick County stopped its streak with a stunning 19-14 win against normal powerhouse Chatham last Friday night and the players are pumped up tonight to beat the 0-2 Buffaloes in Floyd this week.

The Buffs scored 28 points last week but couldn’t overcome the 55 points that Galax piled up.  The opening game against Caroll County was closer — a 16-6 loss in HIllsville but the victor this Friday night may be a game of emotion between a team with two losses against one that broke a 41-game losing streak.

The decision will come tonight after a 7 p.m. start with homecoming at half time and the traditional festivities afterwards.

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