What happened to summer?


091414summer3According to the calendar, it is still summer out there.

Really? The temperature outside right now is 60 degrees — still well below the forecast of 68 and even that projection is cooler than this time of year.

It might climb into the low 70s on Monday and Tuesday before heading back into the 60s as the highs for the rest of the week.

Consider this:  The high temperatures did not reach the 90s for any of August here.  That hasn’t happened for decades.  The weather types doubt we will see 90 again at any point of this year and might not even make it to 80.

At this point, some of the right-wingers who scream and shout a lot without saying anything will claim this disproves the theory of global warming.  That is typical from those who possess an IQ around that of the average plant.  The ultimate outcome of global warming is another ice age.

Polar icecaps are melting at a record rate.  The water stream in the Atlantic is colder than normal and the temperature continues to drop.  That, ironically, is an offshoot of global warming.

But the point here is not global warming, scientific debate or even politics.  While sorting photos for use elsewhere, I received permission to put some here to remind us that this time of year is still considered summer and we should be seeing bikinis and even less.

Yes, all of the subjects here are of legal age and full permissions are on file.  There are times when I shoot things that are not just high school sports or local government and news.  There are parts of my photography and video work brings anger to some and pleasure to others. I openly admit to admiring a beautiful form and have no problems photographing such for both pleasure and a living.

So this is our homage to the warm weather that is not around here these days and our hope that it will return — very, very soon.


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