Drove into Arlington today for the last time as residents of this Northern Virginia county.

On Monday, we hand over the keys and title to the 1,320 square feet of high rise condominium that has served as home for nearly 24 years and leave the county as visitors, heading 300 miles southwest for our new home, and a hell of a lot more space, about five miles outside of Floyd.

When we made the decision to sell the condo and make Floyd our fulltime home, we expected some pangs over leaving Arlington but they haven’t come. We’ve lived longer at this one address than either of us has lived at a single address in our lives. For more than two decades it was home.

But no more. We already feel like visitors to the area we know so well. The traffic is more stifiling, the abrupt manner of the residents more irritating and the air of assumed self-importance more obvious.

It’s time to leave.