During most of our long, drawn-out moving saga, we have been taking old clothes and other items to Goodwill because their drop off center is not far from the condo we are leaving in Arlington.

Most of the time, they accepted our offerings with indifference. Just before we left two weeks ago, however, they refused to accept a credenza and computer desk, declaring that “we don’t take office furniture.” When I pointed out that this was not “office furniture” but a Lane computer credenza for use in a home, and that they do accept old computers, they shrugged their shoulders.

I was properly pissed. It had taken two trips to get all the pieces of the desk and crendenza over there and no one said a damn thing about not taking “office furniture” when I unloaded, without help, the first time and they waited until I had unloaded the last pieces, again without help, before telling me they wouldn’t take the desk. So I told them to stick the desk up their collective asses and drove off, leaving them to dispose of what they don’t take.

I felt better after doing that but it also meant we couldn’t take anything else to Goodwill so on this trip back, so we loaded some bookcases into the Liberty and headed out to the Salvation Army drop off center, wondering if we they would accept what we had to offer or would give us the same cold shoulder as Goodwill.

No problem, the guys at Salvation Army said as they helped me unload the bookcases. I asked if I could bring two other computer desks over today and they said “sure. We’d love to have them.”

Wanna guess who will be getting the donation checks we write out for Christmas this year? They won’t have any good will in them.