GOP Sheriff Zeman supports Mark Warner

Sheriff Shannon Zeman appearing in the TV ad supporting Mark Warner.


Floyd County Sheriff Shannon Zeman, a Republican, is featured on a new campaign ad supporting Democrat Mark Warner’s re-election effort, saying the Republican, Ed Gillespie, is not a worthy opponent.

“Mark Warner is working to solve problems,” Zeman says in his appearance in the ad.  “Ed Gillespie and his attacks are the problem.”

Zeman is featured in an ad that calls Gillespie’s latest attacks against Warner untrue and “a disgrace.”

The ad, produced by the Warner campaign, is not the first time Zeman has supported Warner.  He joined other GOP sheriffs to endorse Warner for his first election to the Senate six years ago.

He joins other Republicans in Virginia who are endorse the Democratic incumbent, including former GOP Senator John Warner.

Campaign polls in Virginia show Ed Gillespie 10 points and more behind Warner and the former lobbyist with questionable ties to Enron and other questionable clients is on the attack to try and unseat the popular incumbent Senator.

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2 thoughts on “GOP Sheriff Zeman supports Mark Warner”

  1. I think he is in violation of a general principle that individual public servants should not be used in a candidate’s ad. In uniform. That’s over the line. IF he wanted to do what he did in civilian clothes, fine. I hope the people of Floyd County remember that next election for Sherriff.

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