112804moving.jpgThe deadline looms. We must finish cleaning out the last remnants of our existence in the Arlington County condo by the end of the day so we can turn it over to the new owners at closing Monday morning.

Spent the better part of Saturday waiting in line at the Salvation Army rehab center on multiple trips to drop off clothes, furniture and some old stereo gear. It’s the holiday season and the delay at the dropoff line often took 45 minutes or more for each trip.

We filled up the 300-square foot storage unit we rented at StorageUSA and had to rent another, smaller, unit to handle the rest. Made trips there until late Saturday night and it will take about five more trips today to get the rest of the gear moved over. Then a last round of cleaning before calling it a night and getting some sleep. Then closing on Monday and the 300-mile drive back to the mountains.

“Promise me one thing,” Amy says over and over. “Promise me this will be our last move.”

That is one promise I will have no trouble keeping.