Here we go again

The National Weather Service says a “wintry mix” will hit here in the wee hours of Thursday morning and that could includes a mix of freezing rain, sleet and snow.

The forecast led owners of The Floyd County Store to pull the plug on a planned New Year’s Eve dinner and dance and other venues are watching the skies and wondering if their planned end-of-the-year celebrations will be endangered.

And another storm is forming in the West and could be here next week.

This news comes as Appalachian Electric Power (AEP) reports it has restored power to all homes that lost electricity in the Christmas ice storm but is still struggling to in deep Southwestern Virginia where more than 4,800 homes remain dark from the Dec. 18 snow storm.

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  1. Apparently, deep southwestern Virginia is a wreck. I met someone from there the other day and she said over 400 telephone poles are down (in 4 square miles 60 were down), either toppled or snapped in two. And many people have been without electricity since the snow storm on the 18th, like you said. I feel so sorry for those people and it makes my winter woes look easy.

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