A steady rain did not sway partner Amy from venturing out into the wilds of Galax, Virginia, last night in search of washers and dryers.

This would be a test of milady’s shopping skills. For the past 23 years, our choices when it came to such appliances were limited by the configuration of our condo in Arlington. In other words, few. Only a couple of manufacturers made the stackable units that fit into the cramped laundry room so replacing one when the time came was relatively effortless.

But the new digs offer many more choices: Front-loading or top loading, side-by-side or stackable, typical American fare or one of the more exotic choices by firms like Bosch. I drove Porsches for over 20 years and depended on Bosch electronics and ignition parts to keep the cars running. Never thought we’d be looking at appliances made by the same firm.

The most pleasant surprise came at Lowes where Robert’s nametag identified him as an “appliance specialist.” He actually seemed to know a thing or two about the appliances offered by the store and walked us through the benefits and problems of various models.

In the end, Amy decided on something called “Duet” by Whirlpool — a matched set of washer and dryer that offers far more capacity and capability than anything we’ve owned in the past.

Delivery is set for Saturday and I get to watch the love of my life, the one who has trouble setting the Tivo, try and program the new washer.

This could be fun.