After 40 years of togetherness, my longtime photographic partner and I are getting a divorce.

I’m dumping the Nikons that have served me so well since 1964 and taking a trophy wife — a new set of Canon digital gear.

Wasn’t easy walking out on my old love but she has failed me of late — failing to deliver high-enough quality images when compared to the latest-generation digital SLRs and high-quality auto-focus and image-stablized lenses from a seductress named Canon.

From the second I started using the Canon EOS-1D Mark II I knew it was love. I didn’t feel guilty at all about two-timing my Nikons as I marveled at the high-quality, virtually noise-free images my new companion produced.

So I placed an order for additional equipment and the Nikons are headed for divorce court with assets to be distributed by Ebay and others that have expressed a desire for sloppy seconds.

Goodbye old friend.

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