Jobs, dollars promised by pipeline partners


The partners for the proposed Mountain Valley Pipeline that was originally scheduled to run through Floyd County but shifted to nearby Roanoke County claims millions of dollars in tax and other economic benefits along with thousands of jobs.

The pipeline would run from a fracking operation in West Virginia through Giles, Montgomery, Roanoke, Franklin and Pittsylvania counties in route to a distribution center in Chatham.

A press release from the company claims the pipeline will generate 4,300 jobs, $396 million in construction spending and $35 million in tax revenue between 2015 and 2018 if approved and constructed.

An economic forecast, prepared by FTI Consulting, hired by Mountain Valley to produce propagandist outlooks, also says the five Virginia counties in the pipeline routes would receive $900,000 to $1.9 million per year and increased property tax payments for more than 50 years.

Says Blue Jenkins, Executive Vice President of EQT, one of the partners:

This study clearly demonstrates that the Mountain Valley Pipeline project will be enormously beneficial to the economic future of Southwest and Southside Virginia. Over the long-term, this project will not only generate significant tax revenues for counties to fund local schools, roads and other important priorities of county government, but it will also serve as a magnet for manufacturers and other economic development across the entire region. In addition to the thousands of jobs the project will create during the construction phase, the expansion of manufacturing will translate into higher wages and increased job opportunities for residents in communities throughout Southwest and Southside Virginia.

The press release sent out Thursday did not mention that the bulk of jobs in a pipeline construction project come from out-of-state specialty workers and that the jobs disappear after construction is complete, leaving behind enormous drains on the resources of communities.

Residents and activists successfully stopped plans to put the pipeline through Floyd County and opposition is mounting in Roanoke, Montgomery and other locations.

The pipeline for Mountain Valley, along with other projects scheduled to slice through Virginia, are supported by Gov. Terry McAuliffe and other politicians who received large donations from the companies.

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  1. Funny how the economic “studies” produced by oil and gas companies fail to mention the downside of their activities. This pipeline represents “trickle down” economics at its worst: local folks get trickled on while outside companies take the profits and run.

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