Frigid cold brings frozen pipes

A growing number of Floyd County residents report frozen water pipes from the seemingly-endless stream of bitter cold nights and gusting winds that send wind chill factors below zero.

Particularly hard hit are those with spring-fed holding tanks and water systems that depend on gravity to bring water to their homes.

Grocery stores say demand for bottled water is up and convenience stores and businesses say numerous county residents are coming in with water bottles and asking to fill them for use for drinking bathing and refilling toilet tanks.

With little relief expected this week, the problem could continue.

TIP: If you need to refill your water jugs, try the closest fire station or rescue squad.

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3 thoughts on “Frigid cold brings frozen pipes”

  1. I have had four people today come in asking about how to fix frozen pipes, and have loaned out my torpedo heater to 2 of them so far.

    seems to me that too many people dont really know what to do when it turns cold. I grew up in a house that when it dropped below 20, the bathroom was not going to work. The kitchen was the only part that would not freeze up, and that was only if you left the faucet dripping.

    Good luck to those with frozen pipes, cause they aint gunna thaw out by themselves any time soon.

  2. Also, if anyone is in need of filling their water jugs, they are more than welcome to come to my shop and do it. There is an outdoor faucet at the corner of my building where the air reel is, and it is a frostproof hydrant that will give you plenty. Please dont abuse the offer, but if you need it, its there any time.

    418 Floyd Highway N, just before the rescue squad on 221.

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