120804amy.jpgThe love of my life discovered long ago that being married to a photographer has its drawbacks.

At first she didn’t realize the sound of a shutter clicking meant I was, once again, focusing on her while she read but such ignorance was short-lived.

“Obviously,” she said, “you’re tired of living.” I’ve heard that threat before and kept shooting.

Then she tried throwing things but — thankfully — her aim was off.

Finally, she resorted to the standard ploy — ignoring me while I fired away and studied the test shots on the LCD on the back of the camera.

For the technical of mind, this photo was shot with a Canon EOS-1D Mark II digital SLR with a Canon 70-200 f2:8 USM IS lens at 3200 ISO in natural light.

If no future posts appear, it means my spouse decided that, yes, I was tired of living.

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