Fighting the wintertime blues

Met a friend for lunch this week. He arrived pissed.

“Damn I’m tired of this,” he said. “My driveway is solid ice. My water pipes are frozen. It’s cold and I’m mad.”

No kidding. A lot of people say they’ve “had it up to here” with snow that remains on the ground three weeks after the Dec. 18 storm and the frigid cold that has turned each day into a struggle to stay warm and keep the pipes thawed.

Tempers, I’ve noticed, are short. Floyd Countians express frustration with slick sidewalks, sparse grocery store shelves, rising gas prices and daily life in this already rougher-than-normal winter.

For businesses that depend on customer traffic, the prolonged cold and lingering snow and ice cause more problems at a time when things are slow anyway.  One businessman told me he lost $25,000 in December and January could be even worse.

The Floyd County School system is eating up snow days in the schedule and the high school sports schedule is a morass of postponed and canceled games.

The sun that rises over Floyd County this morning looks warm and inviting through the window but one step outside brings the harsh reality of sub-freezing temperatures and slick, dangerous ice-covered roads.

In Floyd, sidewalks in front of many homes and even some businesses remain uncleared. The sidewalk that runs along Locust Street by the county courthouse has not been shoveled three weeks after the snowfall. Piles of snow limit parking on streets and parking lots.

The National Weather Service says daytime highs will climb into the 40s by next Wednesday and will stay that way for five days before heading down to near-freezing levels for the rest of the month.

“Cheer up, things could be worse,” my granddaddy used to say. “So I cheered up and, sure enough, things got worse.”

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  1. Heck, I can take “near freezing temps” for the rest of the month! I can’t wait for this break in the freeze. Next week will feel glorious. In the meantime, I’m staying inside unless I have to go out. Which I will, but as little as possible.

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