A cruel, sudden loss of young life in Floyd County

012915lockerA teenager and freshman at Floyd County High School died Wednesday night.  Reports say he took his own life.

Students and teachers expressed grief and sorrow when the news spread.  Several students signed the young man’s high school locker.  Junior varsity cheerleaders said before a basketball game they would not be performing cheers between quarters or at halftime.  They wore black bands.  They brushed away tears.

Both the JV and varsity games began with a remembrance of the young man.  Students dabbed tears from their eyes.  Others cried openly. For many, the joy of wins by the teams that night did not come close to offset the loss of a friend and fellow student.

A big question when something like this happens if, of course, “why?”

The answer to such a question is not seldom easy to find.

A number of posts on Facebook pointed to bullying as a possible cause of what may have led to his actions but that is, at this point, just speculation.

The facts are not in yet.  Some of the Facebook posts with those unproven claims took them down this morning.

Our first course of action in this matter must be to mourn the tragic loss of a young life.  Our sympathies and prayers go out to his family and friends at this time of tragedy.

Then those who investigate such acts can determine what happened and what causes may have been determining factors.  Unconfirmed speculations only cause more hurt to family and friends.

More on this when the time is right.

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12 thoughts on “A cruel, sudden loss of young life in Floyd County”

  1. My heart goes out to the father of this young man–I taught Mark at FCHS. Mark, if you read this, know that Mrs. Martin (English teacher) remembers you with much fondness and that she is grieving with you.

  2. i always hate hearing of youth deaths,the bullying is extremely disturbing to me, as it is very detectable and preventable.we as americans have forgot the blood that has been spilt here to give us the life we have.we have forgot how to stand up against wrong doing.bulling just don’t exsist in our youths,people who bully do it all thier lives.yes its highly visable in our workplaces as well.we all remember VT,bullying was a part of what drove that person to do what he did,our help resources are not working for the people who needs help and the people who are guilty of bulling are not being held responsible for thier actions.

  3. Prayers! 🙁 My son gets bullied all the time and yet nothing EVER gets done bout it! The schools down here are a joke and parents should be ashamed for teaching there kids bad behaviors! God be with u and ur family! Im so sorry for ur loss!

  4. I mourn the loss of any young person but wanted to add to the previous comment that parents are not always – maybe not often – to blame for the bullying behavior of children. Youth culture can be difficult to navigate, especially for young people who deviate from social norms in any way. Sometimes, despite their very best efforts, parents don’t realize that bullying is happening.

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